With increased footfall during the lead up to Christmas, Superdrug is continuing to improve shopping experiences for all customers by ensuring those with additional needs feel comfortable in stores and are able to shop in a more suitable environment.

Starting from the 5th of December, the first hour every Superdrug store is open on Sundays is now a designated quiet hour. This will create a safer and more inclusive shopping experience for customers who may need a quieter, calmer environment to shop in. Loud and busy environments may be challenging for some individuals in Superdrug’s shopper community, especially those who are autistic or neuro diverse. The introduction of this initiative ensures that autistic and other neuro diverse customers, inclusive of anyone else who would feel more comfortable with a quieter shopping experience (such as those who might be nervous about visiting the high street during Covid), can visit their local Superdrug during this hour.

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The store radio will be turned off, and staff will be mindful of noise (for instance, considering the volume when communicating to colleagues, or arriving or shifts). Where possible, some stores may be offering a quiet room, allowing people the time and space time to process information in a less stimulating environment. This will ensure that all shoppers during this time will enjoy a quieter shopping experience instore. Superdrug liaised closely with the disability network steering group internally on this initiative, working to continue to improve the accessibility of Superdrug for customers and team.

Superdrug is bringing in the Quiet Hour initiative as an extension of the retailer’s Be Kind Shop Kind campaign which launched in 2020, continuing to make stores a safe and enjoyable environment for all.